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Benefits from the 2019 Budget!

Had a chance to read how the Budget might affect you? A recent article in the Courier Mail has a 5 minute guide to the Budget with several useful headings. Let's look at a few that might be useful to know:


— Tax cuts already legislated last year for middle-income earners will double, meaning 10 million workers earning up to $126,000 a year will get hip pocket relief within 13 weeks.

— Single income families will get up to $1080 in their pocket annually while dual income families can expect up to $2160.


— $528 million for a Royal Commission into abuse, neglect and exploitation in the disability sector.

— Pensioners will get a one-off payment to help with their energy bills. Singles will get $75 and couples will get $125.

Small Business:

— Small businesses will only have to pay 25 per cent in tax


— $2 billion will go to a fast rail from Melbourne to Geelong.

— $2.2 billion for road safety, which will help councils tackle black spots and pot holes.

— $100 million for regional airports.


— A local school community program will fund upgrades to libraries, classrooms and playground equipment.

— $453 million will be spent to extend preschool education for young children to allow 350,000 children to receive 15 hours of quality early learning per week.


— $18 million to help households and businesses improve their energy bills.

It's a subscriber only article but is here if you wanted to read more.