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New Land for Geelong!

In the Geelong Advertiser last week, in a subscriber only article the City of Greater Geelong outlined a vision for two major growth areas recently opening up land for an estimated 112,078 new residents.

One opening up 53.31 sq kms of land in Lovely Banks and the other 32.41 sq kms in Batesford signal new horizons for population growth in Geelong.

This growth fruition from this land push is expected by 2050 and includes, what the article calls, 'a focus on clever and creative design practices'.

The significant transformation of the Batesford Quarry into a 'publicly accessible 1.64sq km lake' and the creation of a 'clever and creative' transport corridor through and between both growth areas'.

Plans also include major upgrades to the Hamilton and Midland Highways as well as for Bacchus Marsh Road and extends to the opening of a passenger rail service between Geelong and Ballarat.

Some initial concerns were raised by residents about compulsory acquisition and the final plans do not rule it out completely but do say that 'land required for roads or other public purposes will be secured through the subdivision process in most instances' and that 'public acquisition overlays will be used sparingly and only where acquisition is essential and cannot be negotiated with landowners'.

The plans were brought to council last week so we'll see how it all plays out over the next little while.

The subscriber only article is here.