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Sell a house with 'Emotional Selling Points' for better results!

Saturday saw a Herne Hill property sell for almost $40k over expectation, which is an awesome result and if you were planning to sell a home in the future, there were some interesting points in the Geelong Addy article.

Auctioneer Will Ainsworth put the popularity of the house (and the great auction result) down the 'leafy location and (the) X-factor' and explained that 'there are some houses you just walk into and you can’t put your finger on it, it’s just the feel. It just feels like a place you want to be' The article writer also goes on to talk about creating 'a great first impression'.

So we're hearing about 'leafy location' which is a crowd drawer as evidenced by the large number of people who attended Saturday's auction but it's the first impressions and the x-factor that I'd like to talk about.

What makes a house feel like 'a place you want to be'? In other selling sectors like retail this 'emotional selling point' is significant. In real estate, it's less about the bricks and mortar of the house itself but the way it makes a potential buyer feel.

Beth Mitchell as quoted in a Domain article last year said that 'statistically, you have just eight seconds for potential buyers to fall deeply in love, and creating the right feel' and that makes sense but how to do it?

The article's suggestions can be shortened to a few key things:

Colour - Keep colours neutral; repaint that colour that you loved but everyone else might not.

Clear - Ensure clutter is gone; look for as many clear surfaces as you can.

Lights - Brighter homes are more attractive to buyers; use ceiling lights as well as lower level lighting on coffee tables.

Touch - Use textures and clever styling; ensure that you style your home relevant to it's area and the buyer you want to attract.

Scent - use scents to tap into a buyers emotions; think fresh and inviting, only enough to be there.

Personality - remove as much personal connections as possible; ie take down family photos and put up art that suits the room.

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