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Looking forward to a Christmas that you're not paying for 6 months later?

Christmas spending seems to get out of hand for so many of us at Christmas and the lag of paying off credit months after Christmas can hurt.

At Diamond Finance Geelong we love helping people get out of the type of debt that hurts; credit cards that aren't paid off each month (and even some that are) can create a spending spiral that all likelihood is spiralling the wrong way!

News.com.au this past week has a few tips to having a better Christmas 2019 that you're not paying for in 2020!

Ditch the Credit Card Debt - Credit cards usually have interest rates over 20% so this type of debt bites hard!

Work out a plan - Work out what you want to spend on Christmas this year so it's a planned spend.

Save - Create a account that you don't withdraw from or put it in your house as redraw so that you pay less interest!

See in 2020 without a Christmas debt hangover or come and see us if you have debts that are tough to pay, We can help with consolidation.

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