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Are you under financial stress?

So it seems that 'three-quarters of Australians thought they were "doing OK" with their finances on an everyday basis, but one in four said they "don't enjoy life" or thought that money "controls their lives" according to expected this week we can see the beginnings of some interesting data.

The study also found that '37% of those surveyed said they were ill-prepared for the shock of a large bill or unexpected expenses.' That's a tough spot to be in! Financial problems place ridiculous pressure on relationships and account for almost 5% of divorces in Australia (source here).

The study explored the relationship between perceived financial well-being and observed well-being and data was gathered through self-reporting as well as bank records.

The article also said that 'behaviour has a far greater impact on financial well-being than income' which means that we can get caught in a not-so-great position with money regardless of how much we earn and this is where it gets hard. There's no shame in needing a hand to gain new insights and strategies to get you off the road of financial stress.

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