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Can a Christmas gift give more than once?

Did you know that you can give a gift to a loved one that they actually don't get, you get some of your money back but you both enjoy it?

If you donate to a registered charitable organisation as a gift to someone, or just because you can, you receive the tax donation (for donations above $2) and you both enjoy supporting the community either locally or further away.

Christmas is a great time as any to donate money to those less fortunate than ourselves as most charities are short on cash. Most organisations have charitable status but check first at www.acnc.gov.au/charity. Just type in the organisation's name.

Go one step further this Christmas and plan your giving for 2019. According to Christa Bayer (Perpetual's Senior Philathropy and Non-profit Services Manager) who was quoted in a news.com.au article yesterday saying 'people who planned their donations gave six times more money than spontaneous donations' and that's pretty amazing!

At Diamond Finance Geelong we support a couple of great charities and if you wanted to support them, we'd think you were even more amazing than we do already.

  • One Care Geelong - A local charity based in Geelong West who provide a range of services and programs that assist people in the community experiencing disadvantage and social isolation. Donate here (orange button top right), and

  • Offspring Project - A safe space, equipping human trafficking survivors with a fighting chance to achieve a high self-worth among others in society in India. Offspring was founded, and is operated by Kristi Van Es, a former Christian College teacher. Donate (or buy gorgeous gifts) here. (Donate Now button top right)

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