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Why choose a Mortgage Broker?

Often people ask us why they should get a home (or commercial, or construction) loan through a Broker?

It's a great question and one that we often ask our existing clients to make sure we're doing the best for them. Here's what a few had to say-

"...No question is ever silly, always reliable, friendly, thorough and client focused. Thanks again for helping us purchase our first home, we can't thank-you enough!" Sophie

"...An actual customer oriented experience coupled with succinct excellent service" Matt

"...Communication has been outstanding keeping us in the loop the whole way, haven't had to chase her once, (Suzie's) always ahead of the game! Leigh

At Diamond Finance Geelong we are the Mortgage Brokers who walk you through the paperwork, application and follow up that inevitably loans need. We're with you all the way, working behind the scenes to create a smooth road to your new home, or loan :)

And if you'd like a sneak peak into our streamlined loan process click here for our resources page and download our 'How does it work?' brochure. It outlines it all for you!