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Why should you use a mortgage broker?

We talk a lot about what we do but every so often I like to reiterate why I'm a Mortgage Broker.

Buying a property or negotiating a refinance can be way outside anyone's comfort zone...it's just plain hard to navigate for anyone not in the lending industry which, let's face it, is pretty much everyone!

Using a broker gives you many things that you can't get from a bank. Here's a few:

  • Choices - I have access to 30 lenders (including the big banks) and between them they have over 500 different types of loans. A single bank can only offer you their list.

  • Niche Lenders - Often smaller lenders offer flexibility or accessibility that bigger ones can't. This can be particularly useful if you are in a tough property financial situation and your choices are limited. It might mean a slightly higher interest rate in the short term but my team will be monitoring it and we'll get you out into a mainstream loan as soon as you qualify.

  • Answers - We have to know everything about the types of requirements that every lender requires...and we have to keep up to date so you can be too. We do the legwork for you; it's not easy to do your own comparisons in this industry. We can help you decide how you want (or need) to structure your loan or suggest other ways to manage your property situation.

  • Service - We're more dynamic than the big banks. We can respond quickly to lender changes. We also can add services into our processes that support you even more. For example our Construction Progress Payment Service offers clients peace of mind dealing with both the builder and the bank as their build progresses.

  • Savings - We know exactly what fees should be applicable and we stay on top of them for you. A loan contract is a complicated enough document but we walk you through them.

  • The Real Story - I'll make sure that you know exactly where you stand; with me, with the bank and exactly what you can or can't borrow. This gives you peace of mind as you proceed through the process.

Feel free to call the office if you're in a position to get a loan started, change your loan to place you in a better position or just plan for a loan. Any option works.