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Wedding or House???

Aussie couples are choosing a wedding over a house according to a recent Domain article.

The recent Royal Wedding which had a reported cost in excess of $58 million has prompted a discussion about cost of weddings in Australia and how couples are paying for them.

The average cost of an Aussie wedding is around $31,000 but one quarter of couples spend at least six months paying off a credit card debt following the big day, which would likely include large interest repayments too.

A couple quoted in the article spent $8000, well below average but already have purchased a house.

Unlike the royal couple, the average Australian couple doesn't have a bill of $350,000 just for drinks reception or a house in the grounds of Kensington Palace, but even the average wedding can cause financial strain and not be a great time for any relationship.

Plan for your house and your wedding with your future in mind; that is, think of the bigger picture and save as much as you can before using credit.

This will save all sorts of headaches.

The original article is here.