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Shhh, don't tell anyone how good living in Geelong is...

According to a recent article, 3/4 of Victorians are living in Melbourne suburbs.

This means that only 1/4 of Victorians are living in (so-called) regional areas. This assumes that anywhere outside of Melbourne is considered regional.

The article is coming from the point that more people moved into Wyndham (13,800) than moved to Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat combined (10,000). Melbourne CBD attracted 12,000 newcomers last year also.

The article quotes Committee for Geelong's chief executive Rebecca Casson as saying Geelong had 'better value housing and close access to some of Victoria's best beaches' and that 'some people intent on living on Melbourne's outskirts spent as much time travelling to the CBD as commuters from Geelong'.

Committee for Ballarat's chief executive Melanie Robertson said that her city 'offered a first class lifestyle, including education and healthcare'.

I'm not sure about other regional areas but living is Geelong is the best of several worlds. Not as busy as Melbourne by a long shot, more fresh air from coastal breezes and our 'peak hour' is usually just that; an hour or so and usually only keeps a few road busy. However the road works on our ring road over school drop off time is a bit of a challenge at the moment!

And, housing is often less expensive than Melbourne and this is a big drawcard for Melbourne buyers...just don't tell too many of them, unless they need a loan of course ;)

The original article is here.