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Under 25? Want cheap (or free) Health Insurance?

It looks like at least two Australian Health Insurers will insure under 25s as part of their parents policies according to a recent news.com.au article.

Both Bupa and Nib have options for 20-somethings to remain on their parent's policy until 25 if working and no longer studying.

Bupa charges a rate but much lower than buying your own and Nib only charges a fee for the first adult child only even if there are others.

Either mum and dad could cover the cost if you're saving madly or help out so that it's even cheaper or free!!!

Either way, it's a lot cheaper and allows for an easier transition to your own policy later.

Of course there are terms and conditions and all health insurers can change their terms without notice; make sure you check about your individual situation first.

Lenders love savers so if getting a cut on some health insurance helps you save more; then you could get into your first home sooner.

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See the original article here.