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More First Home Buyers in Geelong

The number of First Home Buyers in the Geelong region has increased since stamp duty was abolished by the State Government last year according to an article on realestate.com.au a few weeks ago.

The second half of 2017 saw 433 First Home Buyers across the Geelong region gaining a stamp duty exemption saving themselves up to $31,000 when purchasing a property for less than $600,000.

The article suggests that First Home Buyers benefited from recent regulatory changes around finance costs for investors and that they are aware of many more First Home Buyers who have set themselves savings plans to get into their first home while the stamp duty exemptions are in place.

Of course, these exemptions do have some conditions and individual situations may vary but it's a great time to be a Geelong First Home Buyer.

Come and see us if you want to know where to start or if you're on your way and want to make sure you're going to get there in the time frame that you want.

Remember, it's harder to save money then spend it!!!

Article is here.