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Is ignorance bliss?

According to NAB' Ubank recently, 'Australians are laying awake worrying about their finances'.

The research revealed that:

  • 59% are stressed or have loss of sleep about money

  • Only 22% accurately know their credit card debt

  • Only 25% use budgeting tools

  • 82% don't know the interest rate on their home loan

The article quotes the CEO Lee Hutton as saying 'If you have debt anywhere, whether it be a credit card or a home loan, find a better rate.'

The article also quotes Financial Planner Patrick Canion who suggests that if you have a loan for your own home; the interest rate should have a 3 in front. He's right, it should.

Do yourself or a friend a favour and start chatting about home loan interest rates...anyone who hasn't had their loan reviewed recently will be paying way too much interest.

Who knows? You might be able to afford that special something that you've been saving for or they might spring for lunch!

I can't tell you enough, how beneficial it will be to review a loan that hasn't been reviewed for a while.

Call the office and set up an appointment if you have a home loan for your own house that doesn't have a 3 in front.

The original article is here.