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Ways to save money

We're only a few weeks into the new year and it's a great time to look at our household bills and spending.

Christmas and school holidays can increase our spending without us realising so just as the kids are about to get back into a school routine, and let's face it, we'll need a kick start too!

It's also a great time to do a 'eyes wide open' home budget audit. The first step to change (if we think we might need it) is to look at exactly where we are. Looking at our budget can be the one thing that gets us into our first house, into a different house or starting an investment property portfolio.

But, where to start...

Here's a few tips (and a free download!):

  • Write out your income

  • Work out your expenses - yes, all of them :0

  • Work out a plan to replay higher interest loans off first (ie credit cards)

  • Decide on a regular saving amount

  • Decide on a spending amount for daily incidentals

  • Rinse and Repeat - Check regularly how you're going

We've added a free downloadable budget tracker just for you. It's under the Resources tab above and it gives you a tool to determine your current position by looking back over the previous year or track your position over this next year. It will only take a month or two to see how you're going and what, if anything, you need to change.

Check out the download and call us if you need any help in planning for your next, or your first loan.