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Interesting banking changes for 2018

Wow. It would seem that there's a brave new world coming for banking!

An article this week in news.com.au says that 'banking will be in the spotlight this year, and not just from next month's Royal Commission' and it's sounds like they're right.

The recent rise of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Ripple have seem to have bank's scrambling for their operating policies and this year would seem (if the article is correct) to have still more significant changes looming.

The article suggests the following:

  • Faster transactions

  • The likely introduction of PayID's rather then BSBs and Account numbers

  • Lower fees and Charges

  • Likely pressure following the Royal Commission should mean fewer rate rises and lower fees

  • Fee-free international money transfers

  • International money transfer fees have already lowered recently and are expected to eventually become free

  • Scrapping of credit card rewards programs

  • The introduction of programs like AfterPay are competing with what already seems to be minimal rewards from establish credit card programs. The author of the article does suggest that healthy competition might come in the form of low rates and business cards

  • The rise of crypto-currencies

  • The frantic rise of Bitcoin has speculators discussing 'boom or bust' options but it would appear that the technology behind it; blockchain or shared public ledger provides secure, seamless and fast transactions. The article says that a survey of economists (by finder.com.au) found that '94% expected blockchain to have widespread use in the financial sector and economy'

  • The introduction of biometric payments

  • We may see banking apps using technology read fingerprints or facial recognition instead of passwords, just like our phones

I think that the financial sector will, and should be, held accountable this year but it's going to be a very different looking banking sector if all of these changes come into effect. Change is inevitable; we'll work through change as it effects lending and keep you informed.

The full article is here, if you'd like to check it out.