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Would you actually like to own your investment property?

I've added some important information for about investing in Australia. It's a bit of a long read but might be just what you need to know!

The short version is that lenders have just announced new low rates for investment properties.

The longer version explains how you can use the current landscape to grow your assets. Read on here

Want to actually own your investment property rather than just relying on capital growth???

Anyone who has any interest in investment needs to be aware of one vitally important change to the world of investing in Australia...everything you thought about investment loans is CHANGING.

No longer are interest-only loans an expectation when buying an investment property; lenders are being forced to limit their investment-only loans by their regulatory body APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) but this is actually a silver lining for investors- resulting in further gains for investors.

A couple of lenders have just announced a new low interest rate for investment properties that are principal and interest rather than interest-only and you know what?

It's not that much different and you increase your available assets!

The more you own of a property the more you can use as security.

Remember that most lenders have recently increased their lending for investment properties and you're likely paying over 4%.

Here's some indicative figures for a loan of $400,000:

Interest only Loan (only paying off interest - relying only on growth): • Interest Rate - 4.86% (Comparison Rate 5.00%) • Monthly Repayments - $1616.67

Principal and Interest Loan (paying off both principal & interest - adding to your asset): • Interest Rate (new low rate) - 3.99% (Comparison Rate 4.13%) • Monthly Repayments - $1907.00

Come and chat to me if you'd like to consider this for your particular situation.