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Is it time to spring-clean your finances?

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Spring is the perfect time to wash a few windows, dust off the window sills and it's also a great time to review your finances. A recent article suggested a few options:

  • Check your Superannuation - You should have had a recent end of financial year statement sent to you. One estimate is that by the time you reach 65, your savings should be at least 7.5 times your annual salary

  • Have a Mortgage Review - Come and see us if you haven't reviewed your loan for a while

  • Pay out or consolidate any other debts - always a good idea to reduce your debts if not against a decent asset like property

  • Review your insurance situation - insurance policies are always changing so an annual review can save you big time

  • Update or write a will - critically important especially if you have children

The article is here if you'd like a longer read.

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