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Save $20,000 on a new off-market townhouse

Looking for a chance to save approx $20,000 on a Newtown townhouse? I've just heard about these 5 off-market townhouses at 430 Latrobe Tce. There are 4 x 2 bedroom and 1 x 3 bedroom.

You have an unique opportunity to buy in before the end of June. Yes, that's next week!!!

The reason that this is so unique is that stamp duty will be calculated differently from July 1 2017. The end result is that you'll pay stamp duty on the home amount not just the allocated land component as is current. You'll have to move fast!

If you're a first home buyer, you'd be in a better position to wait to sign any contracts until after July 1st to take advantage of the Victorian Governments financial incentives for First Home Buyers.

This saving would be around $20,000 if you were in a position to commit shortly.

Call or email Lachlan Castran on 0475 000 888 or lachlan@castran.com.au

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Call 5221 7234 during business hours or email me on suzie@diamondfinancegeelong.com.au.