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Are Millennials and Money destined to be apart?

Graph showing Australian Millennials low in economic optimism

In a recent article and interview on bloomberg.com recently, Michel Heath, a Sydney based journalist for Bloomberg, talked through some research carried out by Deloitte that Australian Millennials will be a generation who fears being poorer than their parents.

You can read the whole article here (and the quick interview) but it raises an interesting question.

Can Australian Millennials have the same expectation as their parents when it comes to property?

Yes! Affording property is all about priorities and anyone can work towards owning a home. Of course differing levels of income will play a part, but only a part. It's all about spending less than you earn and this is no truer for

Australian Millennials than the rest of us.

The Government has recently announced a doubling of the First Home

Owners Grant for First Home Buyers in Regional areas of which Geelong is one. That means $20,000 as a first home owner. If you are building, the grant is paid to the builder and if you buy an established home, the money goes towards stamp duty.

If you, or someone you know is a first home buyer, come and chat to us.

We'll get you into your first home sooner.