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Graceworks Myanmar

We support Graceworks Myanmar who are providing life giving support to the communities of Yangon, Mandalay, Shan and Rakhine in the areas of Health & Wellbeing, Education, Livelihood projects and much more.

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Orphan boy supported by Graceworks Myanmar

"Graceworks Myanmar partners with local organisations and individuals working in communities to help them achieve improvement and sustainability in their quality of life. Integrity is at the heart of everything we do as we seek to address injustice with positive, long-term development that contributes to breaking the poverty cycle.

Through education, health, community well being and livelihood – we invest in practical programs and projects that take a holistic approach. We believe people have inherent value and capacity.

We work alongside people in Myanmar to help them gain the freedoms they need to achieve the life they desire. Today, our operations build on more than a decade of partnership with local organisations and work with specific communities, as well as continually fostering new relationships. We currently work with more than 11 local partners across 19 communities in five states/divisions.

We are able to do this through grants and philanthropic gifts from organisations based in Australia, the UK and Myanmar, corporate partnerships, and the generous financial and volunteer contributions of private supporters in Australia.

Your dreams will always be bigger than you are, it takes courage and perseverance to fulfill them. We invest in building understanding and challenging our own thinking so that we are part of long-term change."