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Under 25? Want cheap (or free) Health Insurance?

It looks like at least two Australian Health Insurers will insure under 25s as part of their parents policies according to a recent article. Both Bupa and Nib have options for 20-somethings to remain on their parent's policy until 25 if working and no longer studying. Bupa charges a rate but much lower than buying your own and Nib only charges a fee for the first adult child only even if there are others. Either mum and dad could cover the cost if you're saving madly or help out so that it's even cheaper or free!!! Either way, it's a lot cheaper and allows for an easier transition to your own policy later. Of course there are terms and conditions and all health insurers can chang

Are banks getting harder to deal with?

A recent article suggested that it's getting harder to get a loan approved...and they're some circumstances. Banks are more cautious than they have been previously and with good reason; people are often less than honest when they apply and this dishonesty can give them a loan that they can't really afford. Although we are seeing very low interest rates, the lenders are using a higher interest rate to assess an applicant's ability to repay the loan. The article did have a few suggestions to increase your standing with a lender and I've added a few more: Drop large credit card limits if you can - track your expenses and drop your limits accordingly. Get rid of credit car

Reserve Bank Update April 2018

The Reserve Bank of Australia met today for April's meeting and voted to leave the cash rate at 1.5%. The cash rate has been kept steady for 18 months and according to the RBA's Governor, Philip Lowe 'the global economy has strengthened over the past year' and that although 'the prices of a number of Australia's commodity exports have fallen recently, but remain within the ranges seen over the past year or so. Australia's terms of trade are expected to decline over the next few years, but remain at a relatively high level'. According to today's press release 'employment has grown strongly over the past year' and 'inflation remains low with both CPI and underlying inflation running a little b



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