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First Home Buyers are back!

It certainly looks like First Home Buyers are back in the market. Both NSW and Victoria have recently offered incentives for First Home Buyers; in Victoria this is in the form of stamp duty concessions and clearly this is helping. Thinking about affording your first home, I'd like to give you a couple of tips when getting or preparing for your first home loan. 1. Be realistic - Look for a home or loan that doesn't place too much restriction on your finances. Unexpected bills could easily derail your plans, if you couldn't pay your repayments. (Even gorgeous babies can put a dent in your finances, if you haven't planned ahead). 2. Create a buffer - While you're saving for your deposit, plan t

How to get the lowest interest rates

A recent survey found that most people don't or won't ask for an interest rate reduction and this means that they are paying tens of thousands of dollars more in repayments over the life of their loan than they should be. Here at Diamond Finance Geelong we're proactive for the life of the loan. Here's what we do: 1. Find you the best rate and loan product in the first place 2. Walk with you throughout the loan process 3. Proactively monitor your loan for it's life - this means contacting you when a better rate is offered by your current bank (if applicable to your circumstances) & 4. Offering you refinance opportunities if applicable to your situation We 'look after YOUR big picture' and th

RBA - December 2017

The RBA has left the official cash rate unchanged at 1.5% for December; the rate hasn't been changed by the Reserve Bank in 16 months. This was a likely result as the general consensus had forseen the result today. There have been some predictions recently that we might see continued low cash rate well into the first half of 2018...a great time to pay some extra money off the home loan!!!



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