About Us

Your Trusted Mortgage Brokers

Have you ever met a 'One-Time-Only' Mortgage Broker? One that disappears as soon as the ink is dry on your signatures?


We're different!!!

See us to:

  • Refinance your home loan

  • Purchase a house

  • Organise a construction loan

  • Restructure your loan to take advantage of lower rates or fixed rates

  • Set up or refinance an investment loan


We walk the path with our clients, often over many years; starting in the discussion stage, throughout the application, with regular reviews post settlement, with proactive understanding of any market or lender changes and adding refinancing if it benefits you.


We enjoy the distinct pleasure of helping clients, their families and their businesses choose the loans that help them to achieve THEIR big picture.


We enjoy proactively working with our clients to plan their loan strategy; whether for their own home or investment properties.


We're happy to chat anytime and we don't charge you for a quote or a discussion about your plans.

Suzie & the Diamond Finance Geelong Team :)